2017 Schedule

*Dates and contents are subject to change.

September 9

Holistic health workshop
Medical Herb workshop by Mugiko Ogawa (vol. 2)

September 16-17

Healing retreat, with farming and healthy/organic food! (vol. 3)

September 24

Live music event

September 30 – October 1

Second Aizu Permaculture School workshop! (permaculture workshop)

October 7 – October 9

Autumn harvest – Health retreat

Someday in October

Acro Yoga workshop

October 14
湖のほとりでつながるしぇ (販売、WS)

October 15
Salmon Festival Market @斎藤清美術館 (Saitokiyoshi Museum)

If you are interested in any workshop/event, please contact us!